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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 13, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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this warehouse behind me. we are just feet from canton square and boston street. >> reporter: a phone call around 8:00 on july 29th, led baltimore city police to this canton warehouse. >> the family member received a call, an anonymous call to check the well-being of their boss. >> reporter: police discover constantine frank, facedown in what appeared to be a robbery. >> he was bound with zip ties and duct tape. and was alive. but i think the stress and trauma of the incident, he had a stroke. >> reporter: police say frank was unable to speak. he was transported here to johns hopkins hospital, where he was on life support. frank died here this week. >> if it does become a homicide investigation. it's also commercial robbery. >> reporter: frank owned several baltimore area businesses, including the top hat cue club in baltimore. north points billiards and a vending machine company out of conton square. >> we don't know how much money was taken. he had a safe that he kept in his business.
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and some money was taken from there. so definitely somebody who knew the area. there was no forced entry. so someone who was allowed access. >> if it happened over here, it could happen over there. and we're just as vulnerable as any business. >> reporter: wayne mojave owns the bar across the street. >> can't live in a friendly, safe neighborhood anymore. so we're taking extra precautions. >> reporter: police say surveillance video from the warehouse is missing. city homicide detectives are now questioning family and employees for potential leads. >> reporter: and members of frank's family tell eyewitness news, they do not want to go on camera. but they did tell me that they said he was a wonderful man. he was well loved by everyone who knew him. and he would do anything for anyone. live in canton, baltimore city, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, jessica. thank you very much. judgment day. the sentence is in for the howard county teacher convicted for sexually molesting a
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student. robert johnson will spend 18 montes in prison for his crime -- months in prison for his crime. he sexually molested a female student at the school over a two-year period. johnson will serve his time in the county detention from and -- center and will be on supervised probation for five years after his release. once out of prison, he must also registerad -- register as a sex offender. struck and killed. a bicyclist killed at a downtown intersection. and tonight, the search continues for the truck driver, as details continue with surveillance video, showing the collision. derek valcourt has more. >> that video showing -- shows what happened. a memorial to the victim. the victim's family and police are still trying to find the person responsible for this deadly crash. >> 67-year-old charles yates turned to bike riding. he even took bicycle safety
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classes. but when he returned home, his wife instinctively knew something was wrong. >> i kept calling his cell. and i kept getting voice mail, voice mail. and i kept getting really upset. and walking down the gate and staring down the alley, waiting to see him coming up the alley. >> reporter: but yates never came home. he was run over and killed by a white box truck near maryland avenue and west lafayette. the entire incident was caught on a nearby surveillance camera. the yates family doesn't want the video released. but a attorney describes what it showed. >> a box truck, abruptly took a right turn. and mr. yates went under the rear passenger side wheel of the vehicle. it also gives strong indication that the person who was driving the vehicle should have known and probably did know that he hilt someone. -- hit someone. this is not a minor impact. this is not a bump on the side of a truck. this is a running over. a bicycle and an individual.
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>> since the video did not capture the truck's license plate, police still have no leads in the case. >> if the driver doesn't realize he ran over the cyclist, you know, that's something that has to be determined by the investigators as well as the state's attorney's office. >> whether it's intentional or not, it happened. it's -- my whole world is shattered. >> reporter: even though this incident was captured on video, police say they are not going to be able to release an image of the truck that they are looking for in connection with this deadly accident. we're live on maryland avenue, derek valcourt, eyewitness news. >> okay, derek. thank you very much. anyone with information on the accident is urged to call city police or metro crimestoppers. or you can send an anonymous text message to crimes. a sixth marylander dies from complications from the swine flu. they will only confirm the person was an adult from the washington, d.c. suburbs with
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underlying health problems. five of the six people to die in maryland had underlying health conditions. they expect the death toll to rise as the weather cools down. the secret service is investigating a man who had a sign outside yesterday's town hall meeting on healthcare reform in hagerstown. the sign said "death to obama." and also had "death to michelle" and her stupid kids, that's a quote. those tawn halls have been contentious. and new polls show that they're influencing opinions against the president's plan. mike schuh has complete coverage as healthcare debate is raging across maryland. >> reporter: nasty debate over healthcare. >> i'm seriously affected by this. and i guarantee you, that i'll be one of them to be thrown away. >> reporter: one day after this heated exchange, senator ben cardin held a calmer invitation- only forum.
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his colleague, barbara mikulski will hold virtual meetings. >> we have to get it right. and we have to get it right the first time. i would hope that we can do it in an atmosphere of civility. and intellectual rigor. >> reporter: and they believe it won't affect either senators politically. >> what it might show are the moderates in the state of maryland. is that there is this angry rage on right. >> reporter: one held an effigy. and a conservative group posted. >> this connects with the rage that we see around the country. >> reporter: the meetings are influencing the public. a new poll reveals 34% of the americans give them a more negative view of the plan. >> the president believes that the town hall meeting is a structure where people can discuss those issues. >> reporter: including what it
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paid for -- would it pay for abortions? that's not in the bill. are illegal immigrants covered? again, unclear. one bill says only thoughez -- those present qualify. and would reform pay for itself? the congressional budget office says it would increase the deficit by $239 billion over 10 years. only 75 republicans and no democrats have agreed to participate in any plans they pass. wjz wants to know what you think about healthcare reform. e-mail us, your thoughts to wjz web alert at or click on the link at the top of the home page. and you can do that any time. wjz is always on. vic? >> thank you, mike. a coalition launched a $12 million tv ad campaign today. at this hour, there is more rain moving into the area. a live look outside right now. will it be a wet night and will we get a break from all of this
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humidity? tim williams and bob turk are updating the forecast. let's take a look at radar. we've got a few very widely scattered showers here. now moved down south to the city. they've cleared the area. and continued to move down to the south. and continued to pretty much weaken. a few more over on the eastern shore. right around princess anne. there were some showers around. right now, it's few and far between, believe me. looks like a pretty quiet night. not really seeing anything develop at this hour. although we still have a moist atmosphere. i cannot totally rule out a possible shower this evening. now, we've got a game in town tonight. and tim williams has the forecast. >> definitely, we're talking football. ravens downtown. taking on the redskins. and while we do have vir -- variable clouds around. we've seen showers.
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but 7:30, to 7:35 kickoff. we're looking at clouds. a passing shower. kickoff time, we'll see temperatures down just under the 80-degree mark. call it 76 degrees. looks like it's going to be a pretty nice night down at the ballpark. the palace we'll call it. >> thank you very much, tim and bob. and of course, the threat of rain is not dampening the spirits. for the return of football. eyewitness news is live at m&t bank stadium now. sports director mark viviano is live with sports there. >> both teams on the field now. getting in their pregame warmup. for the ravens, it's been three weeks of practice. and tonight, finally a chance for them to put all of that preparation to the test in a game format. albi beit, -- albeit preseason. certainly the players and hard core fans are ready for football. >> going to be a good game against our local rivals.
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so out for a good time tonight. >> reporter: from those fans in the parking lot to those in the stands, the nfl stadium setting will be a new experience for those players who are new to pro football. >> to me, the most interesting thing is to see how the rookies respond in a game situation. because they've never been in an nfl game before. even your second-year guys will play. >> joe flacco is no rookie. he grew up quickly in his inaugural season. and after three weeks of workouts in westminster, he looks forward to facing the redskins tonight. >> you kind of want to get away from your own team. and you want to get away from this college and go out and, you know, play games with spans. and -- with fans. and we're excited to do that. >> this is preseason. we're going to go out there and play games and approach it like a game. >> since it is just a preseason game. what should you look for when
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the ravens get set to take on the sport tonight. we'll talk about the significance of this game to them. that's ahead later on in sports. >> thank you very much, mark. live at the stadium. change of plans. baltimore has approved a different plot of land f. political reporter pat warren has more on the sudden change. >> baltimore's first proposed slots location is scrapped with this new lot approved for a casino that will stick out its chest on russell street, instead of curling up on the back side of m&t bank stadium. what do you think? >> i think it's in a business area here. with the stadiums there. it might be located in a good place. >> reporter: the change was approved at the meeting. >> there's still a lot more work that they will have to come back to the city on. as far as the whole, the property, the site, and everything on that. >> reporter: it's the same land a development group planned to use for a sportsplex but bowed out after negotiations with the baltimore city entertainment
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group, which submitted the only bid on license plate slots in baltimore. jeff kraus thinks it's a bad idea. >> having him right here. it's going to tie up traffic. it's going to ruin -- the neighborhood is already run down. it will be good for that hotel over there. but other than that, i can see this place being a mess now. and i won't be able to get to work on time. >> reporter: but the further away from home you get, the better the location sounds. >> you know what i think? this is not so close in time. >> i'm from buoy. i don't get up that way -- this way that often. but if there were slots over there,ic i'd -- there, i think i'd come up here. >> reporter: not necessarily for slots alone. >> i understand we're talking potential office space, retail. a whole host of pieces for -- that will attract people. >> reporter: for now, it all hinges on the slots commission. their decision on awarding licenses, expected in the fall. reporting from russell street near downtown baltimore, i'm
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pat warren. now, back to you on television hill. >> members of the baltimore entertainment group could not be reached for comment. still to come on eyewitness news. heavy issue. the link between the tough economic times and weight gain. the surprising details in healthwatch. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, clearing the air in carroll county. that story as eyewitness news continues. the recession has forced many people to stop giving as much to their religious community. and now, churches churches and synagogues in the area are forced to cut back. i'm weijia jiang in baltimore. that story is straight ahead on eyewitness news. will rain cause problems in tonight's ravens' preseason game? stick around for the updated first warning forecast.
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what's happening at the university baptist church in baltimore reflects a nationwide trend. no matter the faith, no matter the denomination. people are donating less as the congregation grows. >> we are trying to make our budgets as lean as possible. and you know, staff salaries, essentially were frozen. >> reporter: researchers for religious organizations call the economic climates for places of worship, the worst it's been in 30 years. >> it's definitely a struggle. there's been a lot of budget cutbacks, just to be able to make it through the fiscal
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year. with the reduced donation. >> i'm pretty sure it's a place where mouths need to be fed. so there's a mortgage crisis and whatnot. >> reporter: even though most parishioners are not able to donate as much as they used to, many say overall, it has balanced out, with response from other members of the congregation picking up the slack. >> you see some heroic giving. sacrifices. >> our most loyal donors are continuing to give, knowing that some families are really struggling. >> some are struggling to pay tuition fee. earlier this summer, the catholic diocese announced the closing of towson catholic high. >> we help them retain their membership in the congregation.
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because this is their religious home. >> usually, it's worship- related programs. maintenance also suffers. a handful of churches across the country have even faced foreclosure, especially in places like michigan, where the cash crunch has been most serious. meeting with members of maryland's agricultural community. president obama ordered the troops to work together to cut pollution in the bay. today's meeting follows a town hall meeting in annapolis earlier this week. a voluntary pledge is good news for rural communities in carroll county. and for anyone who likes to eat fish. the poison is mercury. and the source is probably holding up your house. rising out of the farms between new windsor and union bridge in carroll county is the lehigh siement cement plant.
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what falls out during manufacturing is mercury. >> constant vigil to keep after them. and see what we can do to keep monitoring their own pollution and try to make it as good as possible. >> reporter: that citizen monitoring is done by george maloney. he learned this week, lehigh has agreed to voluntarily reduce mercury conditions. >> under the terms of the consent decree, lehigh will reduce mercury emissions from 400 pounds a year to 86 pounds. >> i think they want to do the right thing. they also see that the federal regulations will be coming down the line. and we were able to work with them to get this online, one year ahead of schedule, which is great for the environment. mercury pollution begins. and mercury vapors escape into the air. it eventually falls back and is washed into waterways where it
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moves downstream and into reservoirs and lakes. once contained, the mercury is absorbed by fish. and the mercury and medical problems it can cause moves into a new host. >> and 10 species of fish in maryland right now, have consumption advisories because of the levels. >> reporter: lehigh plans to capture most of it and recycle it and traffic in cement. >> if they do that, that sounds like a good idea to me. >> reporter: sparing the next generation, living downwind. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. most of the 2500 pounds a year of mercury comes from coal- fired power plants. beginning next year, maryland plans to reduce that amount to 600 pounds by 2013. we have had showers right now. it's cleared out. looks to be a pretty quiet night. as far as radar is concerned. let's take a look at temps, conditions right now at the airport. it is dropped. most places still near 80. winds east/northeast.
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barometer holding steady. we'll come back and take a look at the weekend after this.
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so bob. football fans are going to need their umbrellas right now. it's nice. >> yeah. >> take a look at radar. there is nothing really from
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baltimore north at all. that's developing. now, that can change. but these conditions change from minute to minute. right now, the stuff we saw earlier, down into d.c. this that way, heading right into washington. that stuff heading into the city is gone. one more shower diminishing now. and a weak one to the west. the rest of the region, there is just nothing happening. and that's good news. we did have a flash flood watch still on the eastern shore. i think they're probably going to drop that. a lot of rain yesterday. temperature-wise, bwi had that rain drop to 75. 85 in d.c. but they'll be dropping with that shower. 70s and 80s across the region. and still kind of humid with the dew point at 70 degrees. baltimore region, we had showers drop into the 70s. otherwise, still low 80s. it is still kind of sticky out. and tonight, we'll get back into the upper 60s. not a bad night. low 70s downtown. east/northeast winds have been with us pretty much all day long.
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kept temperatures to around 80 to the low 80s, instead of the upper 80s. but this weekend, looks like we're starting to see a wind shift. and temperatures can get back up to 90s this weekend. along the east coast, we've had a lot of rain in new england and new york. down along the east coast. also, this is the old southwest monsoon. if you're heading out to phoenix. tucson. flagstaff. showers down there. and lightning displaced. for us, most of the rain, we're looking at is moving offshore now. this is still a slight possibility later tonight. you folks in the lower eastern shore can see some of the activity rolling by your region as you can see. it's beginning to diminish out to sea primarily. for the city north and west, there's a few indicator showers. although we're losing the heat of the day. and we'll probably be losing some of these showers as well. hopefully it will stay dry. rather humid. it will stay that way. until the weekend. a little dry air can come in. and then it's going to warm up
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behind that high. the winds go back to the southwest. temperatures get back up into the upper 80s to maybe 90 this weekend. east winds, 5 to 10 knots. widely scattered shower. hopefully it stays that way. but it's possible we might see a thundershower. sketch. -- sketch. -- sketch. -- 67. tomorrow's high, 85, which is smack dab normal. come back and look at the weekend in a few minutes. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. maryland contestants, come on down. >> i'm ron matz, at the maryland spca on falls road. baltimoreans get a chance to audition for the price is right. the story when eyewitness news continues. a woman is murdered and her body dumped here in carroll county. now, police want to know who committed that crime more than 20 years ago. that's coming up next. thanks, suzanne.
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do you believe double trag -- tragedy. a pregnant woman dies from the swine flu. what happened to her baby and her husband's emotional reaction. and ravens take on the redskins in the preseason opener. i'll talk to the team about the significance of this time. -- this game. tiger woods on the prowl at the pga championships. plus a look ahead on the weekend in nascar when eyewitness news continues.
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35 degrees and sunny. hello. the spread of the h1n1 virus. as gigi barnett explains in tonight's flu watch report, this includes a woman in washington state who died just after giving birth to a child. six weeks ago, 27-year-old katie flite came down with flu- like symptoms. she was six months pregnant. so flite went to the hospital and her ob/gyn. she took several tests and each
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time, they came back negative. her husband, kenny flyte said never once was the h1n1 considered. noz not -- >> not one doctor said we should test for it. >> reporter: the effort to save her and the baby came at a cost. doctors put her into a drug- induced coma. the baby's name is abigail and will never know her mother. because after weeks in the hospital, katie flyte died on tuesday, from respiratory distress syndrome, a complication. >> and her spirit has been lifting, slowly to give us time to grieve. and there's no tears where she's at. >> reporter: baby abigail has a 2-year-old brother, jacob. she will stay in the hospital for weeks before going home to a father, who is now left to raise both children alone. >> i will continue to be an advocate for this. because no one should go through this ever.
6:32 pm
we need to be more cautious with this virus. they still don't have all of the answers. >> reporter: i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and katie flyte was in a coma during the birth of her daughter and never knew she had given birth. new information in the accident that killed a howard county landscaper. >> both police and the maryland occupational are investigating this incident. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene at the 9,000 block of junction drive. investigators believe 27-year- old selerenault balt czar lost control of a lawnmower and fell down a steep embankment. they called 911. police are still trying to determine how long he was there before he was discovered. he was pronounced dead after being rushed to howard county general hospital. sally? >> thanks, kai. the victim lives in columbia. a young woman is murdered
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and her body dumped in a rural area in carroll county. a detective tells suzanne collins now, that decades later, they still need to know her name. >> it could have been the late '80s when the young woman depicted in this sketch was killed. her skeletal remains turned up behind a tire company in westminster in march of this year. >> she is definitely a homicide victim. sometimes with unidentified remains are when -- remains, when they're skeletal, can't always tell that we do know if n fact, she is a victim with blunt force trauma. >> reporter: the woman's bones do give some clues to police. and that type of dumping stopped about 20 years ago. the deep ravine is located right behind the goodyear retread plant along 140. >> reporter: the homicide detective wants to know more about this area. 20 years ago, there were land records that there was a trailer park here. she wonder fist there was a young woman there who may have been -- wonders if there was a young woman there who may have been a runaway.
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>> what this simulates is the skin and muscle. it sits on top of the bone. and about how far protrudes off the skull. >> reporter: a forensics arts expert says she can determine what a person looks like when alive. they developed two sketches of what the female murder victim probably looked like. >> how her hair really looked like in real life, i don't know. if she had tattoos or face piercings, i can't tell off the skull. >> the woman was about 5'1" and petite build. both detectives are sure of one thing. a parent is out there somewhere and would arrest -- rest a lot easier, knowing how and where their daughter died. >> police have demo charts from the skull. and so far, they have not matched up with any missing persons from here to california. federal investigators looking into june's deadly train collision in washington, d.c. are talking about previous safety incidents. the ntsb says a crash was
6:35 pm
avoided on march 2nd, because a train operator used an emergency brake to avoid hitting another train. that incident was not made public. back on june 22nd, two metro trains collided, killing nine people and leaving dozins others injured. -- dozens of others injured. how will you react to the idea of healthcare rationing? meet josh bell, one of the prospects the orioles got in a recent trade. and reviews of this week's box office openings. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. music fans across the world are remembering a rock and roll pioneer. les paul, the pioneering guitar player, has died at the age of 94. according to gibson guitar, paul died of complications from pneumonia, at white plains hospital in new york. well, you watch "the price is right "every day here on
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wjz. now, baltimoreans are getting a chance to audition for the mega hit show. ron matz shows, people showed up hours early for a shot at stardom. >> give me a break. come on down. >> come on down, you're the next contestant on the price is right ♪ >> reporter: baltimoreans came down 14 hours before the gates opened at the maryland spca on falls road. >> all night. a little rain. lots of giggling, and laughing. worth the wait. >> reporter: this was a chance to audition for their favorite game show. >> i've watched price is right since i was a child. and it would be like a dream come through on that show. >> just to hear my name come down. netty hines. i can't wait. i can't wait. >> waiting didn't matter. everyone was in a good mood. your on-camera audition, just 30 seconds. some folks made a long trip. >> angie, charlestown, west
6:37 pm
virginia. >> you came a long way. >> 83 miles. >> how long did it take you? >> um, about an hour and 15 minutes. >> why are you doing this? >> i love this show! i want to be the next contestant on the price is right! whoo! >> reporter: the message the show delivers every day resonates, especially here. >> the more we can spay and neuter pets, the more lives that we save. so the maryland spca helps get that message out. and the price is right helps, too. >> reporter: patricia brinker was ready with a chair and tent. >> good morning. you were first in line. >> yes, we were. >> what time did you get here? >> 7:00 last evening. >> long wait. >> yes. but worthwhile. >> reporter: for a chance to hear those three magic words. >> come on down! >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> three people from baltimore will be selected from today's auditions to make the trip to hollywood and the price is right. >> i'm convinced that ron matz can get people to do anything. >> wild!
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still to come on wjz eyewitness news. caught on tape. a high-speed police chase. you won't believe how thisinds. going free. a man accused of bombing a plane packed with americans may be set free. find out why. bob turk with a look at the weekend. i'll have your exclusive five- day. and here's what is on for updated news and forecasts, log onto it's a revolution in pain relief. (announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control.
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the man convicted of a bombing of a flight from lockerbie, scotland may be set free. he has asked to be celt free so -- set free so he can spend his final days at home. many believe he is innocent. the scottish minister of justice will make the final call next week. u.s. troops are locked in battle. american troops are trying to fight back against violence resistance. but at the same time, they're under orders to protect afghan civilians. the goal of this latest offensive is to make it safer for afghans to get to the polls
6:42 pm
for the country's presidential election, which is next week. a police chase comes to a dramatic end. officers pursued a stolen truck. the pickup truck eventually hilt a minivan. then crashed into another car and a utility pole before it exploded into a ball of flames. the driver of the stolen truck was killed. more than 2,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes. as wildfires ravaged the state of california. one of the fires in the santa cruz mountains quickly spread to 1 1/2 square miles by early this morning. the mandatory evacuation orders were issued for several communities. the crews had been going door to door, forcing residents to leave. a large bear in southern california left his woodland home and took a stroll through a neighborhood. he found some trash cans to his liking. and then did some laps at backyard pool. authorities eventually chased the bear back into the woods by firing rubber bullets. residents were reminded not to leave any food or trash out which could attract animals. cancer deaths are declining
6:43 pm
in the united states. but it's not all good news. healthwatch reporter kellye lynn explains. >> reporter: cancer is poised to become the number 1 killer in the u.s. overtaking heart disease. >> reporter: deaths from heart disease continue to decrease at a faster rate than deaths from cancer. however, there is some good news. the new research shows cancer death rates are declining among younger people and leveling off for older americans. obese itrates may increase -- obesity rates may increase along with financial struggles. german researchers found that while 11% not in debt were classified as obese, a full quarter of those who were in debt met the criteria for obesity. >> it relates certain lifestyle changes and poor available food choices may all contribute to weight gain during hard financial times. i'm kellye lynn, with health healthwatch. >> the study was done at the
6:44 pm
university of maine. and wjz's prostate challenge continues. there's another free prostate cancer screening this weekend. it is saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that's at the swroion -- zion baptist church. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight. more than one billion people, one out of every six, do not have access to fresh water. but now, a former nightclub owner is using his talent to change that, one glass of water at a time. that's tonight. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. everything is up. we'll be right back.
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our stream of auggie evenings continue. eyewitness news is live with first warning weather complete coverage. bob is updating the five-day forecast. meteorologist tim williams is live in the crout back with a more detailed look at what you can expect tomorrow with a look at the ocean city forecast. if we lobby hard enough, we can have that same weather at m&t bank stadium in january. as far as ocean city, we're looking at a chance of afternoon or evening thundershowers. but the chance is very slight. talking about a 20% chance or
6:48 pm
so. water temperatures in the mid- 70s. pretty nice weekend to be down at the beach. as for the rest of us, temperatures get down to around 68. we'll start tomorrow with some sun. around 70 degrees. again a chance for afternoon thundershowers. temperatures in the mid-80s. and it seems to hold true. looks like a warmup coming our way. may get up close to 90. saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. but a drying trend. as far as precipitation going. there may be a shower on saturday and sunday. most of the days, really should be rain-free and kind of warm. not bad for a mid-august. sally? >> okay. thanks a lot, bob. still to come. are you ready for some football? >> absolutely. the ravens have taken the field at m&t bank stadium. mark has a live report. that's coming up next.
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this fiber? i'd had my fill. then i found miralax. announcer: miralax is the only brand clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. you'll see. it's clearly different. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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sally had her roster out a moment ago. check being out the players. >> i think in general, it's going to be a really good night for us. >> i think so. >> we're going to find out here. the ravens are on the field behind me now. as you know, it is a preseason game. so the final score really doesn't count. but there are a number of things that will happen in tonight's game, that the team will use in building themselves toward preparation. and i spoke with the team about
6:52 pm
what you might want to look for as these guys take the field against the rid tonight. year number 2 with the harbaugh ravens. and the coach says he'll have his eyes on the new guys. michael orr, the team's top draft pick. linebacker paul krueger will be filling in for injured terrell suggs. and talented defensive back. lideruous webb. >> it's an extension of training camp. it's not a practice. it's an opportunity to keep going. we're not game plan plan for the redskins. we're just going to come together and see how we play together and execute. >> reporter: keep an eye on the kickers. rookie graham ginot. and steven house caare preparing to take the job. both young guys will get to kick tonight. and fans will also be watching the quarterback. joe flacco begins his second
6:53 pm
season. and he's quickly grown into a confident nfl leader. >> he's calm last year. but even more now. he feels like -- i mean, he looks like a veteran to me. he's doing everything right. >> it will be exciting to get out there and play. we'll look at the film. and see what we can do. but it's going to be like another practice. don't really make too much of a game plan for these games. we go out there and play football. and try to react to what we have been taught throughout the camp. it should be fun. and we should definitely have a good film to look at afterwards. joe flacco. and among those injured are terrell suggs, mark clayton and samari rolle. let's talk golf. the final major of the year is under way at the hazelton golf club in minnesota. tiger woods shooting for his first major this year. on his way, strong opening day. tiger will roll in a birdie putt on 16. five under par. in sole possession of the
6:54 pm
league. makes this the longest major in the history of the season. patrick harrington, one shot behind him. six others are now three behind -- or i should say three shots under par. two behind tiger. phil mickelson is two under par. he's played 14 holes. nascar boys will run at the michigan speedway this weekend. points leader tony stewart heads to the big track. michigan famous for being a big wide track. and size plays into the driver's hands, who like the room to explore the space and find their fastest route around a two-mile oval. >> it's a driver's track. you can help yourself out by moving around on the race tracks. so it does give you that flexibility as a driver to not be stuck with whatever your balance is. you can search around and try to find a spot that is better for it. >> reporter: mark martin won the race at michigan earlier this season. qualifying tomorrow. they'll run the 400-mile race sunday afternoon. a day off for the orioles.
6:55 pm
they're back in action in oriole park tonight. when the angel comes to town. the night belongs to football. i'll have your highlights, plus post game reaction. we'll see you then. we'll be right back.
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. and finally tonight. it wasn't pretty. but they were making a big splash in denver. contestants were diving in at the annual belly flop contest. just the pain of flesh. a lot of flesh. there was a purpose to this madness. first prize was a trip to mexico. that must have been the winner. and that's it for tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm sally thorpeer for denise koch. thanks for watching eyewitness news
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>> couric: tonight initiate battle over health care, they are on the front lines. poor, underinsured and in need of a doctor. i'm katie couric. also tonight, in the middle of the action as the marines push out the taliban. u.s. forces take over a key enemy stronghold in afghanistan, but the fight to secure the town is not over. change in the air why you'll soon have to provide more personal information to buy an airline ticket. and remembering the man behind the electric guitar. rock 'n' roll pioneer les paul. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. once again, we begin tonight with a battle over health care reform, but this time, we're not starting at a town meeting. tonight, we're going to show you


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